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Knowing your body type is almost like acquainting yourself with the spices before you start cooking. Thankfully, figuring out your body shape is way easier than telling the cumin powder from the coriander powder.

The four most identifiable female body shapes are: Slender/Athletic, Pear, Hourglass and Apple. Since they are all creations of God, not appreciating them is a sin.



Features: Slim arms and legs, smaller bust and hips; not very defined curves.

Aim: To create the illusion of curves with the power of silhouettes.



Features: Smaller bust, bigger hips, defined narrow waist, shapely shoulders and slim neck.

Aim: To emphasize the waist and neck and create the illusion of a balanced hip to bust proportion, by slimming down the hip area and drawing attention to the upper part of the body.



Features: Hips and bust are in proportion. Usually an 8-12 “ gap between the waist and the hips/bust. 36-24-36 is a perfect example of an hourglass figure.

Aim: To flatter the curves and ensure they are not lost in baggy and ill-fitted clothes. The naturally defined waist should be emphasized upon.



Features: Small shoulders, big tummy area with no defined waist; thin arms and legs.

Aim: To camouflage the tummy area, let the toned limbs shine out and create an illusion of waist. Also, please note there are also fuller versions of every body shape such as fuller hourglass, fuller pear and so on. Some of you may not be able to list your body type in a watertight compartment, as it could well be a combination of two shapes.


In case of any confusion, please feel free to ask me, I would be most ‘happy to help.’ My enthusiasm may not surpass the Vodafone Pug, but I am game for a good competition.

Now that I have discussed the body types in details, tell me, am I the only one who thinks differentiating between cumin and coriander powder is tougher than identifying one’s body shape?

“There is a drape for every shape”- now that we have executed step one i.e. the body shape identification process, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of every body shape in details in the following post. Stay tuned!

Image Credits: 

Srishti Nadhani

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