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International Women's Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.  The day, which falls annually on March 8, has been celebrated in the United States since 1909, and has spread around the world. This year’s theme is “Make It Happen,” a call to action for the numerous issues facing women today. #MakeItHappen.

Times sure have changed since women’s voting rights were the primary concern of female activists. Women have found their way into roles that were unimaginable a 100 years ago. From abolitionists to astronauts, prime ministers to physicians, scientists to Supreme Court justices,  soldiers to sportsstars, women continue to change the course of history.

So, why do we celebrate International Women's Day?  Here are some perspectives from members of our Talking Cranes Community.


International Women's Day is a day to celebrate the women across the world that have fought for gender equality and women's rights before us and to support those women continuing the fight today. While we have made great strides, there are still many areas for improvement including reproductive freedom and career equality.

Jesssica Speiser, Criminal Research Attorney & PTA President, California



Wonderful Women's Day to all ! It is a celebration life. 

Happy Women are successful, empowered, respected and celebrated.

To me it is about who you are from inside and not what people think you are.. Happy Women are happy from inside...strong and secure within. Cheers to every girl child born on this Earth, cheers to every Woman who believes in herself and cheers to the amazing nurturer she always will be…. .

I truly want to acknowledge the men in my life for the love and respect they give me. My dad set great example as this amazing man who had 6 women in his life…loved his mother like no other, adored his wife for ever and brought up 4 daughters in the most amazing way … 

Vani Murthy, Urban Farmer, Bangalore


International Womens' Day means that we're still not there yet. Why is there no International Mens' Day? Easy - simply because the rights of men, including their historical and cultural legacies, are universally accepted and appreciated. The same unfortunately, cannot be said of womens' rights and legacies. I hope one day that we live in a world where there is no International Womens' Day, that every day is a celebration of our rights, our place in the world, and our future generations!

Swathi Raman, Singer, Maryland







International Women's Day is significant for reasons ranging from trivial issues like being able to wear cool, light clothes in the sweltering heat of any country....... all the way to substantial matters, such as being allowed to watch daughters and other young women choosing worthwhile lives: be they choices to remain at home to raise children, or to select careers on par with men. We've come a long way......However, I would like to see women giving back: Do not lose your grace, gentleness, and charm; do not become aggressive with your newly-found weapon of emancipation! 

Rekha Venkataraman,  Educator, Texas





My attachment to International Womens' Day has grown organically out of seeing women I know, from many international origins, sharing its meaning to them with friends on Facebook. I am coming to look forward to seeing how women celebrate and advocate on that day, and I am considering my role in amplifying that message on that day (and every day).

Amy Reilly, Teacher, California





Happy International Women's day. 

I have come far from what my mom, grandma, and her mom thought they could achieve.

My mom gave birth to me.  No one told her that she could not bring a girl into the family.  Like they told my aunt.

By accident of birth, I am not a Saudi Arabian. I am allowed to drive.

Luckily, my inlaws did not burn me for not bringing dowry.  I have no outward scars. 

Bless his heart, my husband is not abusive.  I'm glad I am not married to my neighbor.

I make almost as much as my male peer.  What is 10% on the big scheme of things?

I took a bus home last night.  I did not get raped.  Like that poor girl they talk about on TV so much.

Happy International Women's Day to me.

We have come a long way.  But I'll celebrate when we are truly liberated.

Ritu Kapoor, Product Manager, California





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