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It is not often that we come across a father daughter duo show in the field of art. So, you can imagine my delight to know such a unique pair whose exhibition Flame of the Forest, is currently on in Bangalore. Head to the Kynkyny Gallery before October 14 to see the works of Paresh and Aditi Hazra.

Paresh Hazra has been a well known name in Indian art. He chose Bangalore as his home along with his wife Bandana, where he taught painting and both his daughters were raised.

The elder daughter, Abheera, is a post doctoral research scientist in the field of Atmospheric Physics. The younger, Aditi, is an artist. 

Aditi - Is it tough for you when people say "followed in her fathers footsteps" or are you proud of your choice of profession?

I am actually very proud that I chose this profession. It has been a childhood dream to become an artist. I don’t find it tough when people say that….in fact, I am glad I took up this career choice because it gives me the space and freedom of what I want to do. In fact, people say ‘Like Father, Like Daughter”, which is a nice thing to hear.

Fortunately, their styles are so different that there is no talk of comparison, vis a vis medium, style or subjects.
Paresh - Were you tempted to guide Aditi or did you let her choose her own "style"?

Creativity grows on its own, it cannot be taught or influenced. In my opinion, if anybody has creative mind, let it grow on their own. One’s vision is quite powerful to pick inspiration from their surroundings or anywhere.

I am totally a free-minded person, I do not like to interfere with anybody’s freedom of thought.

Aditi - Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

To start with-Dad of course!  He has so much passion for things and his restlessness can be annoying sometimes, but what he creates in the end is very inspiring. But there are other artists from whom I draw inspiration as well. Their struggles and achievements motivates me.

Paresh - How does it feel to have a joint exhibition? How is 2015 different from the 2012 when Aditi just finished college?

It feels great to have a duo exhibition with my daughter. Yes, there has been a great difference since 2012 as her work and thinking has grown more mature. It’s an endless process, the more she works- the more she will experience.

Aditi did not touch any canvas all of last year. Then, she says, all her creative juices went into hyperdrive and she came up with the charcoals on display and sale at the gallery.
Aditi - Please explain what you did last year so that this year has been so productive?

Last year was almost like a rollercoaster. It had been 2 years since I got out of college and I was struggling to make my own identity. I had my own ideas but all were clashing in my mind. So I took time off last year. Took up yoga, did some travelling, gave art lessons at home. Then that whole frustration piled up for not doing anything for so long. I said that’s it, I am going to sit and work now. Brainstorming happened, ideas just kept pouring in. That’s when I ended up doing my charcoal work. Now I have so many more ideas in head and how to go about them. This confidence is what I needed.

Paresh - Besides your love for painting, what else do you and Aditi share?  What do you argue about?

We share a lot of common things like humour, movies, cooking, eating, travelling, talking about ideas/concepts, artists, even arguing about silly to serious stuff.

Aditi - Aditi, this profession does not guarantee success and is still somewhat off the beaten path, as far as women are concerned. What made you follow it, nevertheless?

There is success but it does involve a lot of hard work, self-struggle and patience. I always found myself to be content when I did painting. I love being part of this dream world. See things differently. Since childhood, I've never listened to anyone as I was told to do. Even dad was reluctant initially as he knew what was ahead, but I was adamant about taking this as my career. It is my first love. I wanted to show what I saw.

Paresh- You are a self made man. How have the women in your life helped you along this journey? 

It’s 50-50.

Aditi - What are your dreams and future plans?

Do more and more and many more works. Do some experimental works as well. Have plans for taking up some artist residencies later on and travel around the world for inspiration. So many things are there in my head.

Paresh - what advice would you like to share with Aditi and all the women artistes reading this interview?

The creative field is not a smooth and easy ride compared to other professions. It needs passion to drive oneself. That will lead you to success.


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