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Introducing the color of the year RADIANT ORCHID!

"Expressive, exotic Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and warmth" - Pantone 

When Pantone announced its Color of the Year 2014 there were some oohs and there were someohs. Some of you will love it, some of you will not. Radiant Orchid is not strictly purple nor entirely pink, it is a pinky-purple which can make it a tricky colour to define. 

You don't have to wear this color, of course, but it will be everywhere in clothes, make-up and accessories this year. 


This shade has mostly cool undertones so it will flatter some complexions and not others. You will know the instant you put it next to your face whether it works for you or not. The easiest way for most people to wear Radiant Orchid is as an add-on colour rather than head-to-toe. 

and for the Indian look 


If you have a cool skin tone you can wear Radiant Orchid on its own. How much of it you can wear in your outfit will depend on your personality and other characteristics in your coloring. You can mix and match it with other shades in your color palette too; wear it with your pinks for an elegant and feminine tone-on-tone look. For a bolder look, wear it with stronger colors in your palette such as vivid red or bright violet. Radiant Orchid will brighten up your work wardrobe nicely when you team it with your neutrals such as grey, navy or black. 

Those of you with a warm skin tone ideally want to wear this shade away from your face and mix it with warm shades. Purple is a perfect match for Radiant Orchid as it is a universal color, meaning that there is a shade to suit everyone. Find your best purple and make it the feature color in your outfit and keep Radiant Orchid as your add-on colour. For a more dramatic look, combine it with lime, red, or emerald green (Pantone Color of the Year 2013). For some of you, Radiant Orchid will mix well with your neutral shades such as taupe or brown, but do not wear it with black grey or navy. To avoid looking dated, mix it with a contrasting colour such as green pumpkin or orange. 

You also need to consider the fabric as different materials create a different effect. If you have a softer, more muted coloring with very little contrast between your hair, eye and skin color, then you want to keep your colors softer, so go for matt fabrics.or something with a textured surface like a knit, tweed or velvet. 

If you have a striking contrast between your eyes and hair - bright eyes and dark hair - you need to make Radiant Orchid look brighter to complement your natural coloring. You can wear this color with vibrant shades in your palette, such as emerald green (Pantone Color of the Year 2013), bright red or fuchsia (depending whether you have cool or warm skin tones). Alternatively, choose a garment in a light reflecting fabric such as satin or silk. 



Take care with eye shadow in this color. When we apply our make-up we are trying to enhance the color of the eye, so if you have any reddishness around the eyes this color will only emphasise it. A small amount in the middle of the eyelid as an accent color is the safest option. Use Color Me Beautiful's Lavender BlissPurple and/or Opal eye shadows to complement your Radiant Orchid shade, just be careful not to overdo the purple and pink! 


Lip color will look fabulous on a rosy or cool complexion and will enhance thin lips. Nail color is fine for all colorings, just make sure your whole look incorporates the right balance of colors whether matching or clashing. 




And for the adventurous.. here's how to bring Radiant Orchid into your home!! 



Go ahead and have a Radiant year.  Till then Stay Stylish!!! 


Sulakshana Badani is an image consultant, based in Chennai. Contact her at :











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