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“Suits me, suits me not”. Every single woman is trapped in this vicious circle, rather frequently, most likely everyday.


While there are ‘n’ number of dos and don’ts for every body shape, I have tried collating some most basic yet useful ones.  Since, there are so many aspects to look into, I thought starting with basic necklines and patterns would be a good idea. 


The Athletic body type:

 More Dos and than Don’ts. This actually becomes tricky as more options means more confusion.

 The main aim while dressing an athletic body type is to soften the frame by adding more curves by applying the silhouette power. The waist is already defined and hence the trick is to add some volume on the upper and lower half of the body.

Dos: Add inches to your bust by wearing ruffles, high necks and detailing on the neck.  Cowls create a similar impact. Peter pan collars and straight or buttoned collars create the illusion of a bigger bust too.

 Repeat after me: “Ruffles and collars, till death do us part.”



Don’ts: Avoid wearing scoop necks and plunging necklines as they highlight a small bust. Eschew vertical stripes, as they will diminish the torso furthermore. Dark coloured tops with a plunging neckline are a strict no-no as well.



The Pear Body type:

 All the booty-ful ladies have reasons to rejoice as they are blessed with a perfectly defined waist and a long neck. The main aim when dealing with such a body type is to diminish the size of the hips and accentuate the bust. There are various ways to achieve this.

Dos: Noodle straps, tube tops and asymmetrical necklines draw attention to the bust, shoulders and neck, striking a balance between the upper and lower part of the body.  Cap sleeves, all over printed tops, ruffles on the bust, straight collars and peter pan collars add inches to the bust as well. Turtle necks, boat necks and bold prints on top also help to draw attention to the bust, thereby making the body appear more proportionate.

Repeat after me: “I am married to ruffles, tubes and strappy tops.”




Don’ts: A few items that you should avoid are vertical stripes as they thin down the torso, plunging V-necks as they reduce the bust size; raglan sleeves as they do not do any good to the well defined waist and empire lines as they shoo away the attention from the petite waist. 



The hourglass body type:

Oh pretty perfect! Bestowed with a perfectly proportioned body, the aim here is to ensure that the curves are not lost in drab clothes.

Dos: Scoops, plunges, V-necks, sweetheart neckline and square necks are your ‘bosom buddies’. They will flatter the bust line.

A scalloped strapless, teardrop neckline, Bardot shall also ensure that your curves are not lost. Well-fitted t-shirts with scoop necks are inevitable in an hourglass woman’s wardrobe as they flaunt the curves to the best advantage.

 Repeat after me: “Lycra is my best friend.” 



Don’ts: Even perfection has some don’ts to look into. Avoid mandarins, polo necks and cowls as they might make you appear very busty, hence creating a distort between the upper and lower body proportions.

Round necks and cap sleeves will add unnecessary inches to the bust. 




The Apple body type:

 You may have often heard that the apple shape is the toughest to style; but I say it’s all in the mind.  The toned limbs that they are endowed with will not be too hard to accentuate, right?

Dos: Asymmetrical, square necks, strappy tops, scoop necks and cap sleeves draw attention to the full bust creating an illusion of a proportionate body.

Empire lines and floaty tunics which end at the widest point of the hip will help camouflage the tummy area and the former would also draw attention to the bust line. A plunging V-neck and halter would also flatter the bust line.

Repeat after me: “Sleeveless and cap sleeves, they lived happily ever after.”




Dosn’ts: Dos cannot survive without don’ts, sigh! A sleeveless round neck or mandarin should be avoided as it tamper with the torso and lower body proportions. So will a straight collar shirt. Class T-shirts which cling to the body will also bring out a bigger torso, creating a rift between the upper and lower body ratios.




It must be noted that this is just a Dos and Don’ts guide; at the end what ever you can carry off with a wide beam and confidence is what flatters your body type. The whole concept of the segregation of body shapes is very trifling. Confidence is that sole accessory which is compatible with all body shapes, necklines and patterns.  So have fun with that!

In case you are confused with any of the terms I have used, feel free to get in touch with me. 

Stay tuned for more fashion tips coming.  Cheers!



Image Credits: 

Images sourced from Polyvore.com

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