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Power dressing is one thing; power dressing according to your body shape is another. This Woman’s Day let us help Rahul Gandhi accomplish all his dreams about “woman empowerment” by discussing how every female shape can be the best power dresser. And believe you me ladies, empowerment begins with your wardrobe!

Let’s start with the Athletic body shape.


The Athletic Shape:

They sure have a bit of an upper hand when it comes to power dressing as they can employ shoulder pads without the looming ‘I-look-so-broad-anxiety’ looming overhead.



Power dressing earlier was all about solo colours and things mundane. For the little bit of science and a lot more of fashion that I know: Solids expand on heating and prints look great on clashing.

Having said that, you can opt for a pair of much raved about skinny, hounds tooth pants, with a structured peplum top, equipped with shoulder pads just to add that extra confidence. Ensure your waist is clinched with a simple black belt so you do not lose the woman in you (needless to say that with Women’s day nearing). Break the monochrome with a pair of killer red court heels and let your red nail paint and lipstick complement your entire look. A structured tote completes the ensemble.

Suggested Variation: Are you the daring sort? Try an interesting geomteric print black and white jacket against the hound stooth.

If you still prefer comfort to the height, go for brogues, which is a very evident example of the diminishing gender-centric fashion.


The Pear shape:

Flared pants balance out proportions. Are they too ‘been-there-done-that’? Then how about adding this twist to power dressing?

Try an interesting jumpsuit instead of the flared pant-shirt classics. Just remember to choose a jumpsuit with a lighter colour on top and a darker one below to tone down the latter. Draw more attention to the neck with a bewitching neckpiece in an off colour. And yes, do not let that petite waist go unnoticed. Opt for a very well tailored waist-clinching jacket in florals to add that Spring Summer 2014 flavour to it. Finish with matching black peep toes and a striped tote to add some more depth to the look. A ruby coloured lipstick and a black eyeliner would is ideal.

Suggested variation: Too androgynous for florals? Try a horizontal striped jacket instead. It shall cling to your curves without making you look too Victorian age.


The Hourglass Shape:

 Nothing is as powerful and empowering as your curves itself. Embrace them, flaunt them; exude the power!

I would request you to sign a petition: please do not hide those curves under ill-fitted clothes. Skin hugging is the key for you lovelies. Opt for a skin-hugging peplum top with a plunging neckline to flatter your assets (if you are uncomfortable with that, you can wear a camisole inside). Show off your lower body in a floral pencil skirt. Leave the neck bare and opt for a golden cuff instead. A black tote and nude peeps ensure all the attention is on that body and those dangerously gorgeous curves.

Suggested Variation: If a peplum is OTT for you, opt for a well-fitted blazer which follows the lines of your body. Add a hint of metallic to your look with a pair of metallic court shoes, what say?

Moving on, I just got reminded of this childhood gimmick, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”


The Apple Shape:

I personally felt power dressing is best for this particular shape as it makes fairly easy to hide flaws and accentuate the positives.



Opt for a pair of exotically printed crop pants, so your toned pins get all the attention. Opt for a self-textured or very discreetly printed open blazer, which can be worn with a loose blouse underneath.  Keep the accessories sharp but simple. A pair of prism shaped round earrings works well. Keep the attention focused on your lower body by carrying a cherry red coloured satchel, which hangs along your toned legs. Ankle strap sandals will also emphasize your biggest asset, your legs. All you leggy lasses do try this out.

Suggested variation: If an open jacket is not something that makes you feel at home, opt for a black trench coat which ends at the widest pat of your hips and all the attention is on your limbs.


Times have changed, so have trends. Power dressing now is not confined to the monotonous pants and skirt-suits. You are at utmost freedom to have as much fun with the prints as well as against them. However, as I always say, the biggest power comes from within. A certain way of dressing may assist you surface them easily but eventually, the power is in you, the power is YOU. The power is every single woman residing on this planet for a purpose.

Too heavy a note to be signing off on, but its just a feeling of empowerment that caressed me while writing (and more so completing) this article. A very Happy Woman’s Day to all the lovelies out there! Keep talking and chirping! Cheers!


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Images sourced from Polyvore.com

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