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Celebrating Names with Pooja and Deepa

When Deepa said she was publishing her first book, I was excited as a friend and wanted to go out and buy it. Little did I know what the book was about. When I did see it during the Facebook Launch Party, I thought it was an amazing idea. This is a short interview with Pooja Pittie and Deepa Sethu to learn about their journey with GuruSkool and more about the book “Celebrate Your Name”!

Lets start with introductions! Tell our readers a little about yourself!


i do not remember her name but i remember her story.

at a village on the outskirts of jaisalmer, a woman sat washing utensils at a community tap. along with her were many other women, all washing utensils and clothes. with her thick kajal, long red tikka and heavy silver jewellery she had me paying attention. i was drawn in and stopped to talk. “where did you get that payal from?” and then the usual questions followed. was she married? how many kids?

The emerging wallflowers of street art in India

Around 5 years ago, the walls in our cities were covered only with random posters, paan stains, and trails of urine. But that’s changed. Today, you will see art squashed between posters, stains and hawkers; fighting for their space in the sunshine. This modern art form, if I can call it that, stands on the razor’s edge — to one side it is vandalism and to the other it’s about art, conversation, and dialogue.

Wildlife Conservation & You- Start that Conversation

Do you love nature? Are you worried about our forests?

And have you always wanted to be a part of wildlife conservation efforts but never known how? 

Then this conference is custom-made for you.

Bangalore is waking up to yet another new aspect of living harmoniously with nature and making each of us count in conservation efforts. You can be a part of it too!