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Suresh Shottam

Stay young through the decades

Dr. Suresh Shottam with TC

Remember those days when you could eat like a horse and bounce around like an energizer bunny?
Well those days are behind you…

What worked for you in your 20s won't work in your 30s…and the same goes for your 40s and 50’s.

So what’s a gal to do?

It’s time to realize, says Dr. Suresh Shottam, that as you age, your nutritional needs change …. and you have to follow some basic rules of good nutrition!

Cooking Food to Death


Being Vegetarian

Many people, who pride themselves on being vegetarian think they are eating a healthy diet. To them and to the rest of us, I offer this thought-provoking quote:

In your 60s & upwards!

Now is when all the things you did right will pay off!

Reap the benefits of a life well lived!

But if you slipped up….it’s never too late to start.
Change your lifestyle and your survival curve will shift to a new level.

You’ll see that difference in 3 months!

Think ‘Low’ Think “Less’

In Your 50s

It's time to be more watchful – especially of your diet!

At this age, your risk for diseases increases.
Experts agree that being mindful of your diet can help keep you healthy.

Help your heart.
Your risk of cardiovascular disease goes up to almost 40 percent.
After menopause, women carry more weight in their abdomen.
This affects your heart – just as it does in men.

Keep your heart healthy with Omega-3 fatty acids, good fats & B vitamins.