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Suman Bolar

And yet... please take my word for it

You are a gender-sensitive Indian male who believes in equality for women and treats women with dignity and respect. You are progressive. You assert vehemently (and mean it) that you do not view women as chattel, that you would never beat your wife, that you participate in childcare and household chores, that you are supportive of the girl child, of a woman's right to voice her opinions freely. And you walk the talk. You are better than your father, because unlike men of his generation, you treat women as your equals.

Four Nutrition Lessons I Learned Last Year

In September 2013, I stopped dining out, writing restaurant reviews and eating sumptuously rich food in a bid to invest in my health. My goal was to become stronger and more fit; that involved shedding  some a lot of weight and getting more active. To celebrate my return to food blogging, I’d like to share with you the four most important nutrition and weight loss lessons I’ve learnt over the last 12 months.

On shaping your daughter

I was invited to speak at the Annual Parents' Day at my Alma Mater; Sacred Heart Girls High School in Bangalore about how parents could mould their daughters. This is what I had to say.


Good evening. I'll be brief, because you aren't here to listen to me, you are here to watch your daughters shine.

When I was invited to speak here this evening, I was asked to advise you on how best you could "mould" your daughters. But you see, I happen to think that this is the problem; this desire to "mould" our children. Especially our daughters.