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Srishti Nadhani

(A)do(r)n the power, Women

Power dressing is one thing; power dressing according to your body shape is another. This Woman’s Day let us help Rahul Gandhi accomplish all his dreams about “woman empowerment” by discussing how every female shape can be the best power dresser. And believe you me ladies, empowerment begins with your wardrobe!

Let’s start with the Athletic body shape.


The Athletic Shape:

Body Shape: Necklines and Patterns

“Suits me, suits me not”. Every single woman is trapped in this vicious circle, rather frequently, most likely everyday.


While there are ‘n’ number of dos and don’ts for every body shape, I have tried collating some most basic yet useful ones.  Since, there are so many aspects to look into, I thought starting with basic necklines and patterns would be a good idea. 


The Athletic body type:

Know your body shape

Knowing your body type is almost like acquainting yourself with the spices before you start cooking. Thankfully, figuring out your body shape is way easier than telling the cumin powder from the coriander powder.

The four most identifiable female body shapes are: Slender/Athletic, Pear, Hourglass and Apple. Since they are all creations of God, not appreciating them is a sin.



Features: Slim arms and legs, smaller bust and hips; not very defined curves.