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Shuchita Shah

Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi

I happened to pass through Gulbai Tekra in Amdabad (Ahemdabad), during my recent trip to India, and realized Ganesh Chaturthi was around the corner. I remembered always seeing these beautiful Ganesh idols being crafted every year, in this large slum area, starting about 2 months before the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. I told my daughter that this slum is known as Hollywood, not knowing why. My daughter curiously googled this area and to our amusement found that Google maps also lists it as “Hollywood basti”!

Why this Kolaveri We?

Who are we? What religion do we follow and who is our God? Why do we have wars, why do innocent children have to suffer because of the wars? Why is there abundance at some places while at others people wither away and die? How much is enough? Who decides what is acceptable and considered good and why does everyone need to live by that?

My sister's journey

My sister Sangita is bright, disciplined, determined, independent, organized, courageous and strong willed. She's been that way since childhood. Growing up, Sangita never made any of us feel she lacked what her sisters took for granted – our eyesight.

Who am I?

Sent a friend request to myself and it said you cannot connect to yourself!! Sometimes I feel we are simply busy doing things that we forget of just BEING -- connecting with ourselves, knowing ourselves at the most fundamental level.