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Meanderings: Seema Buckshee on Serendipity

the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
"a fortunate stroke of serendipity"
synonyms:       chance, happy chance, accident, happy accident, fluke; More

Meanderings - Seema Buckshee on Piku and Bailbirds!

Some movies evoke memories of cities, of friends lost in time, of a people who are frozen deep in memory, who you probably knew in bits and pieces, who you maybe passed on the street or knew as uncles and aunts of friends. Seeing Piku reminds me of all the Bengalis who flooded my childhood - the cantankerous men, the shrieking and oh-so-loud women, the homoepathic doctors who were never ever to be rushed, the schools, or rather, the universities of thought they inhabited and the beautiful baris (houses) that they lived in.

Meanderings - Seema Buckshee on Margarita with a Straw

Have you seen “Margherita with a straw”?

Please go watch the film if you haven’t already. It’s a good story, very well told and manages to focus, in a world spinning with abnormality, loss, betrayal and death, on the utter universality of the human condition.