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Sangeeta Sundaram

6 Ways to Intelligent Fitness

S and I (S here is the husband, not Sundaram-that’s my dad) have had an active lifestyle for many years now. We went to the gym, swam or played a game of badminton to keep ourselves active and fit. But sometime towards November 2014 we started feeling that we wanted to move a notch higher. We weren’t keen on signing up for a marathon like most do, because we wanted to look at fitness more holistically. Around the same time we got to know about Puru the Guru from a friend of ours.

Toe Ring And Closed Shoes

I was on a holiday with my family in Salzburg, Austria recently. On one of the evenings, my son was insistent on a boat ride in the Salzach river. Being a tourist season, we had to wait in a queue to get in. Standing just next to us were two young Tamil-speaking couples. I say young, because they looked recently married and did not have any children with them.

A Few Minutes Of Creative Stillness

My mother draws a Kolam every morning at the front door. A ritual, that I remember her doing ever since my first memories. And I have rarely seen her miss a day so far.

It is hard to describe what a Kolam is in a language which cannot capture its cultural nuance. Kolam is an artistic pattern drawn on the floor usually in front of the house or near an altar. It is usually drawn with dry rice flour and sometimes with a powder made of a particular stone. In some parts of India it is called Rangoli.

TC Enterprise: Asking Makes You Vulnerable

One of the favourite topics for research in the area of women’s leadership is on why women generally do not negotiate for themselves. There is substantial amount of research on why women don’t ask and how this results in us getting much less in life, especially professional lives. It is bad enough that we have to counter the subtle and not so subtle gender biases, but our inability to ask worsens it. One research paper even quantifies it with an example where two MBA grads, a man and a woman, start out with a $100K salary. The man negotiates and gets a 10% increase.