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Reluctant Scribe

India is no country for single women!

India is no country for single women according to this BBC article. Even more interesting was the response to this piece. Looks like the world is no place for single women or for that matter men too!


And if you want to read the responses, here is the link:


Photo credit BBC News

Supreme Court Ruling on Homosexuality

I guess it is up to the Legislature to legislate, that's not the Court's responsibility. But could the SC have taken a more pragmatic stance? This will never get legislated now, especially if the BJP comes to power.


Tehelka Founder & Editor-in-chief accused of sexual assault

Bad enough she was viciously attacked but for Tehelka management to take such a casual attitude is shocking. That too after all the anguish this past year over rape. What were they thinking?


Image credit: The Hindu

An immigrant's story

Simply & beautifully told. Will resonate with many of us.


Image credit BBC News