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Rachna Dhir

Like Father, Like Daughter


It is not often that we come across a father daughter duo show in the field of art. So, you can imagine my delight to know such a unique pair whose exhibition Flame of the Forest, is currently on in Bangalore. Head to the Kynkyny Gallery before October 14 to see the works of Paresh and Aditi Hazra.

Paresh Hazra has been a well known name in Indian art. He chose Bangalore as his home along with his wife Bandana, where he taught painting and both his daughters were raised.

Last day of the Telegraph

My teenaged daughter said she would like to receive one, after reading about it in the paper, on Saturday. "Telegram -What was it, anyway?" she wanted to know. Since the teacher in me jumps at such “opportunities to educate”, I replied in an over simplified way, "In the olden days, not everybody had a telephone at home, let alone a cell phone. So, to send urgent messages like exam results or announcements like birth of a child, people used to send telegrams to their close relatives," I explained.