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Neelambika Kasad

The Feminine Mistake


A hundred years from now the world may no longer need to celebrate Women’s Day. Not because women may have achieved a mathematically precise figure of 100% “equality” with men, but because there may be no women, as we know them, left at all.

I’m neither Toffler nor a geneticist, and at the tremendous risk of sounding parochial, let me explain….

The current idea of womanhood, as celebrated in the media and drip-fed to society goes something like this:

The Art of Conversation


I was hanging out with a friend last afternoon, sipping a cup of a foamy half- shot at a busy Costa Coffee. Oblivious otherwise to the humanity around us for an hour or so, in two brief moments when I happened to look around, I noticed almost everyone in the Café was huddled in communion of varying depths. At the end of the coffee and the conversation I left the café nourished and rejuvenated.

Saga of a Shame-less Housewife

I wrote these lines some years ago on the eve of International Women’s day. I was amused and a trifle angry at the media coverage of that day.

Amused because of the same old stories about ghisa pita* women achievers and the same prominent ghisa pita women touted as ‘achievers’.

Alongside the corporate success stories were an assortment of starlets and models - average women from highly visible industries. To me this was laziness (to unearth some real achievers) or plain stupidity.