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Neelambika Kasad

Reboot your life - Resize your lifestyle


Even as the worldwide economic crisis continues unabated, the potential trauma of losing everything you once owned is causing many to reassess their lives.  Others are doing it for entirely different reasons.

What does work mean to you?

Teaching is my passion. Initially, I wanted to teach at a college. Then I said to myself, even a tutorial class is ok. Later, a school job is ok. Now, I say any job is ok! I feel so demeaned in lowering my ambitions, but I have to survive. I need a job, any job.”

From aspiration to desperation, this is the trajectory of Seema Pushkar, a young middle class girl from the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. She has a Masters degree with distinction in science and two years of unemployment behind her.

Meaningful work at a time of Joblessness 

Indian Fail, Chinese Fail


As a recent migrant to the Bay area in California, I have new eyes and a steep learning curve.

Being a parent of an 8th Grader who will transit to the all-important High School next year, I have got sucked, unwittingly, into the existential situation of the Bay area High School Asian parent. Having recently moved my son from a community public secondary school in the idyllic Oxfordshire countryside, the brouhaha about college admissions here has taken me by surprise.

Gender Balance in the Boardroom

I have been following the debate (or lack of it) on the  proposed legislation to introduce quotas for women on corporate boards in EU. Since women constitute half of the population, they also must constitute an equal half on the company boards goes the argument.

Board participation is an interestingly selective metric to choose for a cause as universal and axiomatic as the principle of Equality. It almost sounds partisan at a time when unemployment amongst both men and women is at demoralizing highs in UK and all over Europe.