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Neelambika Kasad

Why was I born a Woman?

I wrote this poem on the eve of Women's Day as a celebration of womanhood - instead of its ritual denial.

I was Born a Woman 

There must be a good reason

I was born a woman

A lifetime to learn

To bring forth life

To nurture and care

To even destroy

To do whatever I must

For my father and my sons

For my brothers and my lovers

There must be a good reason 

A chance to be a Durga

A chance to be a Savitri

Or a Parvati

To be the Shakti of Shiva

To be the Laxmi of Vishnu

Reconnect with the De-friended


My friend and I continued to talk, despite de-friending each other on Facebook. We had fallen out over bitter differences in policy measures we believed were needed to fix the country’s economic woes.

At the end of a flurry of exchanges, we confirmed that the problem being addressed was indeed the same at both ends: How to end the recession in US? Sometimes it takes a lot of talking just to arrive at the question.

The Poles Must Engage



I fell out with a friend last week, of all the reasons, over economic policy!

I never thought it would happen to me.

You Have an Accent!


When my son first moved to a primary school in Berkshire, UK from an ICSE school India, the early days of acclimatisation involved getting used to a frosty weather and an even frostier Brit accent.

I remember, with some amusement, how his school teacher had complained that Danesh had a ‘thick accent’. This complaint was made in the most innocent British clip!