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Neelambika Kasad

LifeCoaching with Neelambika Kasad: Clarifying Values, Making Decisions

What do you really care about?

Discovering what is important to you gives you freedom to live in harmony with yourself. Knowing one’s values gives a person a sense of identity, direction in life, clarity in decision making, and the motivation to set and achieve personally meaningful goals.

Clarifying Values is the core of life coaching process

A decision maker’s story

This story illustrates how clarifying values helps making decisions easier.

Setting Successful Goals: Why New Year Resolutions Fail?

  • Lose weight

  • Get organized

  • Get a better job

  • Learn something new

  • Save money

  • Manage stress

  • Enjoy life

  • Volunteer

  • Get fit  

  • Quit smoking/drinking

These are the top ten New Year resolutions on Google. If this reads like your list of broken vows, don’t worry. Amazingly, these are also the top ten commonly broken New Year resolutions!

Coaching Skills with Neelambika Kasad: Coaching Women to Choose Careers

Last week, I read a report in the Economist “A Nordic Mystery”(Issue Nov 15-21) about how women in Nordic countries are well represented in corporate executive ranks but not in the boardrooms. The insightful article analysed the causes of gender pay gap at top levels to include government’s social policies such as long, paid maternity leaves “which makes life easier for women, but does not encourage them to aim higher”.

Coincidentally, my coach asked me a similar question in our last session: why did I not want to set higher business targets? This got me writing.

Empowering Women to Become Persons

At a friend’s wedding anniversary party, I got into a conversation with Nancy, whom I had just met. We soon arrived at a topic on which few women agree what it means: Feminism.

Nancy said, she adored the Gloria Steinem brand of feminism which asks women to exercise their freedom to choose whatever they wished to do with their lives. Nancy had happily chosen to be a stay-at-home mom and later a part-time worker to be able to raise her children.