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Neelambika Kasad

Life Coaching with Neelambika Kasad: Tackling Obstacles

Do you give up easily? Do you blame yourself? Do you think things cannot change?

Obstacles are not something we talk about when we discuss achievement. Yet, how you deal with your obstacles is just what determines whether you fail or succeed!

Life Coaching with Neelambika Kasad: The Age of Stress

Stress has become so pervasive that many of us think stress is unavoidable. Or is it?

We experience stress everyday – drivers honking on the road, angry outbursts at workplace, and cranky kids at home. Stress has become a part of our normal everyday life.

Life Coaching with Neelambika Kasad: Steps to balance your Lifestyle

What are you missing in life when you are trying to have it all?

Living a full life requires the skills of a circus juggler and the equipoise of a monk. How can we make it easier?

This is a true story.

One morning, a musician played the violin outside the Metro station at Washington DC. During the 45 minutes he played, only 7 people of the 1000-odd people who passed by, stopped to listen to him. He collected $32.

When he finished playing, only one woman, who had recognized him, went up to him and said hello.

LifeCoaching with Neelambika Kasad: Is your life fulfilling?

Is your life fulfilling?

People do not usually come to coaches asking for fulfillment. Most people seek a coach to achieve something specific such as to find a better job or to improve a relationship or to reduce stress. But all of them are seeking a more fulfilling life.

Unfulfilling life choices sap you of energy and joie de vivre. You feel hopelessly stuck in a very unhappy place. In contrast, when you live a life of fulfillment, you experience being alive and whole.

A fulfilled life