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"I'm just a damn signpost"

My father passed away two years ago after raising and supporting a family of five kids. He was 96. Like Indian dads of his generation, he was mostly hands off until it came to our education. There was no question of not getting a degree; he himself had several, including two doctorates, one of which he earned in his 50s. Dad firmly believed education was the key to success - it was for him - but while he was great at giving advice, he never ever forced his will upon us. Rather, he was extraordinarily generous with encouragement and support.

The Unexpected Joys of the Ladies Queue

Liz Scully

I am a big fan of the Ladies queue. Not the queue for the toilets, oh no, this is a special line for ladies, so they’re not rubbing up against (and more importantly jostled) by uncouth men.

Indians are generally very polite people and they are particularly careful and polite to visiting ladies.

Although there are very notable exceptions at train stations – where fleecing visitors and pinching ladies abounds. But generally a very polite nation.

Aunt Camilla's Poblanos Rajas


Ajitha Kymal

Every year when Ajitha visits her Columbian friend Anadi in Cancun (Mexico), Anadi's Aunt Camilla invites her to dinner and makes the most awesome desserts and cooks her very special vegetarian dish - Poblano Rajas.

Poblanos are Mexican peppers; but you can also use regular peppers (capsicum) instead, and serve them with pesto pasta, tortillas, rice or as a side with a meat dish.

Olé Aunt Camilla!