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Karthika Poduval

The Road Not Taken

Back in the day when I didn’t need to make final decisions about my life, I could declare to the world “I want to be a doctor” and change that to “I want to be a dancer” the next year; I wanted to become many people - journalist, teacher, writer, designer, researcher, RJ… God knows how many more.

Yes, They Are Worth Believing In

I do not dream of big houses and fancy cars…

I dream of a happy family, a small pretty home and an okay car


I do not dream of exhilarating happiness

I dream of finding and believing in that Undying Flicker of joy in me; even during the darkest of times, for now I know, that when it’s time for dawn it’s that Flicker which becomes the Sun…


I do not dream of making it big in my career ladder

I dream of pursuing my passions to my heart’s content…


I do not dream of a conventional, well-settled life

My First Lesson In Kindness And Gratefulness

Fresh air, loads of space to run around and play, hours of playing cricket with coconut leaf stalks for a bat, afternoons spent exploring our huge farm, chasing insects, petting cats, evenings spent watching cartoon network for hours together, gulping down hot and steaming delicacies cooked with gallons of love by granny, mummy and aunts (Whoever said too many hands spoil the broth?!) creating absolute chaos at the dinning table—all of this with the best of friends God simply gave you ready made— your cousins!