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Jyoti Minocha

The Ghazal Queen


When I walk up the steps to Vatsala Mehra’s front door, I am struck by a giant stone statue of Ganesh near the entrance - he is dancing, with his trunk swinging to one side. The fact that the Ganesh standing guard at the door step of the ‘Queen of Ghazals’  appears to be swaying serenely to a melody, strikes me as the perfect prelude to the artist’s home.

The Land Of Hidden People

Outside the Icelandic Air Hotel is a large unwieldy rock--- brown and pock-marked, covered with moss and lichen. The road winds awkwardly, illogically, around it. A sign next to the rock states that it is the residence of the ‘Little People of Iceland’---- elves and fairies-----and cannot be disturbed; whenever anyone has attempted to move it, bad things have happened.

A Good Match - A Creative Lens On Domestic Violence

This short film could be entitled ‘It’s Never Too Late To Walk Out That Door’ or ‘How To Salvage A Life.’ It centers around a middle aged Indian immigrant woman who tolerates marital abuse for 20 years, but is finally forced to pick up enough courage to pull herself and her daughter out of a tortuous situation when her daughter’s future is placed in jeopardy.

As a bonus, it also brims with creative solutions for women trapped in bad marriages---rat poison, arsenic, sharp knives and more!

Arrange to Settle - for Mr. Guarantee! Movie Review

Ahh, the freedom and titillation of romance in the 21st century! Did the sexually liberated, economically independent, single young woman ever have it so good? As the song says, for an eligible bachelorette in any big urban city, ‘it’s raining men.’ There are no taboos, no parents, no limit to the number of relationships it takes to find Mr. Right. Just one small catch---- it’s not love at first sight anymore, it’s love at first guarantee!