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Dr. Mayuri Borgohain

Celluloid Silhouettes

The term may irk Amitabh Bachchhan, but Bollywood is the name.  “Indian Hindi Film Industry“ sounds alien, though it may be more appropriate. But the plan today is not to discuss the appellation which is a poor cousin of America’s Hollywood. What I intend to write about is something which remains evergreen in Bollywood, inspite of being time tested, re-enacted and metamorphosized.

The Religious Broker

In most Hindu places of pilgrimage, it's impossible to avoid the community we call Panda (possibly an abbreviated form of Pandit - a learned man) also referred to as “hereditary pilgrimage priests”. This description seems apt. Indeed, Pandas are religious contractors. Without their help and knowledge, many a religious ritual will remain incomplete.

Jugaad (quick fix or innovative solution)

JUGAAD - A new word made a great impact on me when I moved to Delhi a decade ago from my laid back hometown. I was impressed by the way the denizens of the national capital managed things. They rarely said they could not (do something), for there were always ways to make things happen. Later on I realized that this was what Jugaad was all about - anything that solves an everyday problem in an inspired, ingenious manner.