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Asha Pandurangi

Nature Vs. Us

Saw this on my morning walk. We built a fence, nature ignores fence.

Sandwich your way to the top

If you want to get somewhere in your workplace, the first rule you have to learn is to -

Ask for it.

Not everyone gets what they deserve. Look around you. If your workplace isn’t great at recognizing and rewarding people – YOU have to take charge.

Now that you know to ask for what you want. Do you know how to ask?

Try a Sandwich.

Sung in Tanglish


Tanglish is cool! Ask over 2.5 million visitors who watched the "Why this Kolaveri" video which went viral in the last few days. The creators of this quirky song are Anirudh Ravichander, the 21 year old music director, Danush, the actor whose image of the lower middleclass boy who doesnt look or act like a Tamil movie hero has won him many fans, and Aishwarya Danush, the director of a new Tamil movie called 3.