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Anuradha Santhanam

Judging children based on their names

I live in the UK, but hadn't heard much of this woman until now. She is, for those of you in the States or familiar with Fox News, a British equivalent to Ann Coulter. I found this terrifying. Skip to about 7min to see the real magic, related to India.

Blue Jasmine: A Review

A self-professed Woody Allen fangirl, when I finally got tickets to see Blue Jasmine, I was ecstatic.

It was even more special for me because one of my best friends found them for me in a city that I am completely alien to. The experience was special right from the get go, and then came the film.

Of Bollywood, Breasts & Babies

I was at my local club last week for my evening swim. Next to the swimming pool was a party hosting a little sprog’s birthday. The only reason I knew that, was because of the gigantic, political-rally-sized posters of the baby with his name plastered all over.

The 10ft x 10ft banners proclaimed ‘PROUD TO CELEBRATE THE FIRST BIRTHDAY OF OUR SON’, with his name emblazoned beneath.

The idea of having a 200-strong party or really, any party at all, for a child’s first birthday – one that s/he will never even remember - seems pointless.