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Annabel Bayer

The season of Love!

Christmas is everybody’s favourite time of the year these days, even those who do not understand the true meaning of Christmas, thanks to the commercialization of the ‘Holiday season’ as it’s come to be known!

More often than not, we are caught up in all the material aspects of this festival – new clothes, gifts, expensive food and drink, Christmas trees & Santa Claus – that we forget that above all, Christmas is a season of Love! Jesus (whose teachings are the foundation of Christianity) taught that Love is the only way!

Ode to a park bench

As I sit on my favourite park bench and soak in the tranquility around me – the greenery, the sunlight filtering through the trees like drops of golden honey, the soft whisper of a light breeze rustling the leaves, children’s laughter in the distance, the amiable chatter of morning walkers, the sweet chirping of mynas – I feel at peace. It may not be a ‘walk in the clouds’, but it’s as close to heaven as you’ll get in a bustling city!