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Eat Shoots & Leaves!!



Lettuce, spinach, fenugreek, mint and parsley and rosemary leaves - soul sisters from an illustrious family that stand out for their rich and verdant colors!  However, most the time, greens and shoots are viewed as healthy, but low on taste and unappetizing unless it’s part of a salad. The only redeeming factor with greens, cucumbers and peppers seem to lie in their ‘good looks’.

But, how long can one gaze at a pretty leaf?

From Wallflower to Dragonslayer

When I walked into the conference room for my first meeting at the company I worked with, there were 20 people in the room, mostly male, discussing sales and business plans and strategy. It was an interesting session.  But I could barely bring myself to speak though I was brimming with ideas; I did not want to draw attention to myself. In fact I mostly sat on the sidelines without saying a word during the entire meeting.