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Ami Mehta

My left, your left; Your right, my right uh..huh !

About 80% of the world learns the difference between left and right in the age of 5 or 6. But then there is another 20% inclusive of me, who can’t tell their left from right. Well, to start with, I am a medical researcher and have had an excellent formal education since schooling. Like any other weird and strange person on this planet, I perform tasks like anyone else and have certain set of qualities that makes me stand apart. Time and again, I have proved myself that I don’t know left from right.

When the tummy alarm goes off.....


India, a country with vast diversity, be it in terms of spirituality, culturally, ethnicity, clothing, and the most important, food. People hailing from different parts of the country come up with either different versions of same dish or an entirely new dish that is a specialty of a particular region or state. Travellers and wanderers have two things surely on their list, when they are travelling India. One is temples and the other is, you got me right, FOOD. We have a variety of dishes to offer, whether you are a vegan, eggatarian or hard core meat-eater.