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Brahmin Bulls - a movie review

Brahmin Bulls, an American film by director Mahesh Pailoor, was screened as the closing film at the recent South Asian Film Festival held in Gaithersburg, MD. (DCSAFF) A small budget, independent film, it stars Roshan Seth and Sendhil Ramamurthy as the film's main protagonists in an estranged father-son relationship.

In the News

Another Sachin related newsworthy item resurfaced this week, albeit a rerun from 2010 but definitely worth a 'dekko'. An excerpted piece from a longer speech by Navjyot Singh Sidhu will have you going 'Wah Wah' at times. A truly charismatic and superbly talented speaker who will keep you glued to the video for its entirety. Enjoy.


My Alaskan Adventure

Alaska! A bucket list item for many a travel enthusiast and a longtime destination on my wish list, finally got checked off this past summer.

We managed to experience Alaska via ship, road, train, bike, boat, helicopter, sea-plane, and of course our own two feet! The uniqueness of Alaska is that every person can have a spectacular trip regardless of their activity levels.

Third time's the charm: A Diwali snippet (from a few years ago)


Had my own brand of 'fire'works in the kitchen today when I decided to make some besan ladoos for Diwali. Put in my own proportions (don't ask my why since I'm not really gifted in the culinary field) and found the resultant ladoos were loaded with ghee Easy, I thought, if I just make another smaller amount without the ghee and add it in, it'll fix it. Googled and found a microwave recipe (to save time), and started the besan roasting in the microwave.