About Talking Cranes

When Hyma Menath and Aneeta Madhavan co-founded Talking Cranes in 2011 after long careers in the publishing industry, they envisioned an online space where women of Indian heritage scattered across the globe could connect to share stories, ask questions, get support and find humor in their everyday lives.

Quite by chance, the team that eventually came together to create and shape TC as a social media site completely reflects the geographic diversity of the TC community.

Hyma, based in the San Francisco Bay area and Aneeta from Oxford, UK were initially joined Meera Kymal and Lakshmi Rao Sankar from New York, to form the TC Founding Team. Later we were joined by Anjana Nagarajan from California  to form a  team that works across different time zones and various geographic locations, but in sync with each other. And we have fun while doing so.

More importantly, we’ve come to know an amazing multicultural community of women (and some men!) who live everywhere and work everywhere in the world. They tell us that TC is a space where they can comfortably express their opinion and debate or come to relax, learn, laugh a little and feel a part of something.

As Talking Cranes has evolved we've redesigned our product in response to our worldwide community and its needs. Our newly launched TC Enterprise site offers a unique, customized, private online platform for sustained training and development that enables organizations move the needle in advancing women in leadership.

One of you wrote to us that “TC gave this concept of 'cultural' feminism a voice..and treats women as intelligent beings.”

If you say so then we must be doing something right!

Why Talking Cranes?
'Talking' reflects the sharing of ideas, stories, conversations and communication within a community, while 'Cranes' refers to the eloquent, graceful birds celebrated in myth and folklore. They are known to be communicative, form strong bonds and make caring parents, and migrate across great distances, much like the members of the TC community!